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Cultured Youth
Paying Homage to the World
Parents, expose your children to the culture of the world via dance! Get their ticket to Cultured Movement, where they will learn the dance of the Aborigines, walk like the Egyptians,  fall in love with Flamenco, and move to the interpretations of  the African drum.  The unique aspect of this class is the inclusion of a geographical education component.  Not only will children be able to learn the dance culture of the continent/country, but they will learn aspects of the culture’s history as well as its place in the world!  Give your child the opportunity to see the one central location - Cultured Youth dance at Cultured Movement! 

Literacy & Dance Class
Ages 6-11


Daddy & Me Registration
All Ages

915 Hutchinson River Pkwy, Bx 10465 (Msgr Scanlan HS Campus)

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